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Able Academy is a consulting company, established to assist those who wish to study in India, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. It has constantly strived to maintain and improve the reliability and quality of its services. Our aim is to improve educational standards. Scores of parents have sought our advice to find suitable Universities for their children. It offers to the aspirants a gamut of short- term & long-term courses for both beginners, professionals to acquire, develop, their knowledge upgrade their skills.

Our counsellors provide comprehensive Information, care and support services for Indian students to perceive educational opportunities overseas. Committed to adding value to the community by providing an international education of demanding quality. Choosing a University is one of the most difficult decision a student faces in his life. We not only offer quality education but also help students to develop the required skills needed for admission.

Able Academy offers a large range of Universities, Colleges, Training Options and Courses. We listen to your needs carefully and help you make the best of choice. In order for you to make the best & the right choice, we study your case on the basis Via personal contact with the parent’s and the students and recommend the most appropriate college, University and programs corresponding to the Desires, Ability and Motivation.

The Cornerstone of Our Educational Philosophy is the Recognition and Distinction between the younger students still deciding on a career and the adult students who have established & achieved personal and professional goals. We know that education for executives must harmonize with their personal and professional lives. In a dynamic age when career paths need to be flexible, open-ended to responsive changes. Our Prime importance is to prepare students to become competent & responsible in their professions. We give an eye to detail during the process of counselling, admissions, documentation, visa guidance etc,. We believe that running a business in a highly ethical, honest & professional manner is the only way to compete in today’s demanding world. This belief is reflected in the growth of our company.

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